Saturday, 26 November 2011

Rural Megatherium...

Blimey has it been that long since a post???

I dinnae have a lot of time as I'll be heading out to Forfar Games Club for some Urban War tonight with the fellow troopers.

Anyway my Syntha are pretty much all done (apart from the old VOID Tac Andys, and my "Eddie" Achillies dude), at least enough for a semi decent game.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

What you call progress, I call... rape of the natural world.

Yes, more dinosaurs.

Had a bit of a spendy at Claymore on dinosaurs: Bagged me 3 styracosaurus, 2 camptosaurus, a stegosaurus and another Tyrannosaurus so all in all not bad! That was while a load of plastic ginco and palm trees, and flocked conifers arrived from Hong Kong!! I've also bought some felt for desert/prehistoric gaming. OK so it's peach, but it seems to look OK :)

So why have I been gone?? Well I was prepping for Bloodstock; pics of which I'll get on here next time!! \m/

Anyway onto the metal eye-candy.... or not as it may be... Last episode we had the carnivores.... enter the herbivores:

 rather cute Jurassic Camptosaurus. 

 If you don't recognise this then you should leave now. Not too sure about the plates, I'll probably go back and re-do them.

 Another famous yin! The frill is far better than the previous attempt! Still not sure, it's hard to get it right; to make it look striking but natural.

So, what do when I'm not listening to metal and painting, er, metal? I sew metal!!!

 My cammo jacket I got from Bloodstock for a measly five beans, with Trve and Kvlt Arckanum back patch!
 Sleeves are staying on but rolled up. Only obscure Black Metal bands will be going on this probably.

My badass cutoff! I'm getting quite a dab-hand at sewing I have to say. It's quite therapeutic sewing some patches and watching some telly. Good stuff!

Monday, 1 August 2011

Dr. Grant, my dear Dr. Sattler. Welcome to Jurassic Park

So it's been ages since my last update, but since Claymore is ever looming now I thought I ought to post something... Something depicting another love of mine...


First up one of my favourites: Allosaurus!

Secondly, ANOTHER of my favourites... actually take a guess

I've got a group of one of my favourites to still paint, Deinonychus (watch Jurassic Park and every time they say "Velociraptor" shout Deinonychus over the top of it), as well as one of my favourites, Triceratops. Struggling with the colour scheme though.

So guess where I'll be going on Saturday? Spending my well-earned birthday money at Magister Militia, where I hope to get some of one of my favourites, styracosaurus, maybe another of one of my favourites, another T. rex and Allosaurus, and maybe a couple of not quite my favourites but still high on the lists, some Parasauropholus, and another not quite favourite, but still really excellent Stegosaurus.

And of course I'll have to get some bush-hatted ANZAC soldiers in 10mm for suitible "dino hunters" or "park rangers", as well as some jeeps.

Cannae wait!!!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Welcome Back!!

So apart from Wappenshaw nothing much has been happening on the wargaming front for me. I've been busy with my other project, which I shall reveal once I get my camera's batteries charged up again. Be warned- it's not wargaming-related; it's metal-related and probably not particularly interesting to many of you but I'm going to post it anyway! Hahahaha!

Wappenshaw was a success. Steve's Viking game (A Norse, A Norse, My Kingdom For A Norse!) ran brilliantly and constantly.

In terms of buying I'd like to say I was good... Well I was OK. I picked up a Warbases 28mm MDF church for my Innsmouth board (just need to get back into building these buildings, hey?) as well as some Pendracken trees... and er... some Pendracken 10mm lizardmen for below... ahem...

 FINALLY! A decent osprey book on the WWII US paras :) And only a fiver.

By far the best bargain was....


WFB 2nd Edition! In good nick and as far as I'm aware all present and correct.

How much ye ask??? Yes that's right! If you noticed the picture then you'll see that it cost me a whole 5 beans!!! Holy Diver! Radical bargain is radical.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Sea of Metal!

Got my work cut out for me I reckon...

My Black Tree jeep and casualties came, in not bad time for BTD. The miniature isn't too bad, but I have to say the amount of flash is quite disappointing. Might be time for these guys to look at making some new moulds... But anyway here's a couple of piccies:

MG not yet attached. I'm aiming to pin but not glue it so's it can come out again :)

Warlord Games pathfinders and NCO's which I'll make all pathfinders. How radical do these guys look, in their mohawks and general badassery?! Cannae wait to get them painted up!

In Sci Fi news- I've been adding to my Void 1.1 ranks. Mostly Syntha although I did buy a blister pack of VASA Black Legionnaires. If you have any, or know of anyone who has, these guys with the original jump packs and not the silly wings could you let me know? :)

A sadly now discontinued Syntha Artemis alpha for Urban War- was on special. Somehow the shopping cart messed up and I ended up buying two. Oh dear... :P 

Radical tactical Syntha. Good old school dudes!

 Me fave :)

They will look like this once painted :

Killer robo grasshopperz!

Led by...

This lovely gal. 

 Boom! Headshot!

Not sure about the lipstick... should i lose it, or is it fine as is? Comments welcomed. She's still a WIP mind :)

Finally on the gaming front;

I've been trying to recreate a certain classic album cover in figure form for my Syntha. Using an Achiles alpha as the base (and coincidentally for the stats!) I've tried to recreate Iron Maiden's famous mascot Eddie fro mthe cover of Somewhere In Time... However I'm snot sure about it thus far. Obviously it's far from done, but any feedback on how I can get the skin to look better? Again comments most welcome!

In other news... on Friday on a survey, after checking them out last week, I finally managed to get photos of my favourite wee wader! The Ringed Plover; possibly the cutest little wader ever :)

Next time I aim to get a decent photo :P

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Oh dear....

Yep, that's right... the ol' butterfly syndrome has kicked in once again. What now?

VOID now! :D Played Urban War "2" on Saturday as my good friend Kenzie managed to drop by with his demo kit.

Very good game, and very quick to play. Also quite brutal at times! So I started thinking about how I'd always wanted a Sci-Fi game that wasn't all pseudo-gothic and silly, but shiny and somewhat reminiscent of Philip K Dick, or even Frank Herbert, or akin to Alan Dean Foster's "Humanx Commonwealth" stuffs (more of a sort of Hi-scifi). Home I went and hte next day dug out my old Void stuff, books and all (that sadly never saw the table), and set about thinking about great wee forces skirmishing across tables chock full of oddly-coloured trees with shiny, shiny buildings or on the quintisential Desert planet... Oh the mind fired up big time!!!

I've bought a box of Syntha Tactical Androsynths, but need to pick up the new style lipped bases to make them extra snazzy! Don't you know? Standard slotta-bases are... like... SOOOOOOO last millenium!

In other news, due to a mixup by Warlord Games (and their excellent, superfast customer service) I ended up with two extra NCO paras, with my (frankly excellent) mowkawked pathfinders dropping in a little later :)

Still waiting for my jeep and casualties from Black Tree... Mind you going by their shipping times at least they should arrive in time for the nights to get darker and colder...

Quite fancy trying to game Rush's 2112 though! 

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Halt! Hammerzeit

What better way to introduce the first lot of my assembled plastic Germans?

Please bear with me, as I post this with a headache and listening to Rush ( \m/, by the way! Wish I were seeing them this evening :( )

Command squad L-R: runner 1, medic, horse master, officer, wagon driver, runner 2

Squad 1: note the kneeling MG-er on the L and the pointing MG-er behind. Sniper front R :D Had to be done!!
And of course, the guys who will be shooting at them, probably?

My 101st Airbornes! Instead of faffing about with rank insignia, I've colour-coded the rims of the bases: blue=command, white=medic, red=supt weapons and brown=privates

For some reason this guy looks absolutely terrifying!

I think I need to repaint the faces, at least give them eyes... they give me nightmares and haunt my soul just now...

Last Night: Disposable Heroes, Kirrie Club.

My paras dropped in... on turn 3 so pretty near the end of the game then...

Paras eventually arrived. I managed to get these guys up on the crast of the hill, set up the MG and fire at a mortar, scoring one kill, before end of game...

My mortar team landed off table :( so this is all I had. Basically I dropped, and immediately came under fire from Dale's 81mm mortar, pinning my rifle fireteam, meanign they couldn't move, so really the only activation I got was to move my MG onto the hill to drop-down and set up. Dale was kind enough however to let me take a shot anyway.

Don't think I'll be getting Disposable Heroes anytime soon :P Too complicated and the layout is atrocious. If anyone can suggest good (preferably cheap) WWII skirmish rules? I know Gordon reccommended Force on Force, anyone know how detailed that is for WWII?