Saturday, 27 August 2011

What you call progress, I call... rape of the natural world.

Yes, more dinosaurs.

Had a bit of a spendy at Claymore on dinosaurs: Bagged me 3 styracosaurus, 2 camptosaurus, a stegosaurus and another Tyrannosaurus so all in all not bad! That was while a load of plastic ginco and palm trees, and flocked conifers arrived from Hong Kong!! I've also bought some felt for desert/prehistoric gaming. OK so it's peach, but it seems to look OK :)

So why have I been gone?? Well I was prepping for Bloodstock; pics of which I'll get on here next time!! \m/

Anyway onto the metal eye-candy.... or not as it may be... Last episode we had the carnivores.... enter the herbivores:

 rather cute Jurassic Camptosaurus. 

 If you don't recognise this then you should leave now. Not too sure about the plates, I'll probably go back and re-do them.

 Another famous yin! The frill is far better than the previous attempt! Still not sure, it's hard to get it right; to make it look striking but natural.

So, what do when I'm not listening to metal and painting, er, metal? I sew metal!!!

 My cammo jacket I got from Bloodstock for a measly five beans, with Trve and Kvlt Arckanum back patch!
 Sleeves are staying on but rolled up. Only obscure Black Metal bands will be going on this probably.

My badass cutoff! I'm getting quite a dab-hand at sewing I have to say. It's quite therapeutic sewing some patches and watching some telly. Good stuff!

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