Monday, 1 August 2011

Dr. Grant, my dear Dr. Sattler. Welcome to Jurassic Park

So it's been ages since my last update, but since Claymore is ever looming now I thought I ought to post something... Something depicting another love of mine...


First up one of my favourites: Allosaurus!

Secondly, ANOTHER of my favourites... actually take a guess

I've got a group of one of my favourites to still paint, Deinonychus (watch Jurassic Park and every time they say "Velociraptor" shout Deinonychus over the top of it), as well as one of my favourites, Triceratops. Struggling with the colour scheme though.

So guess where I'll be going on Saturday? Spending my well-earned birthday money at Magister Militia, where I hope to get some of one of my favourites, styracosaurus, maybe another of one of my favourites, another T. rex and Allosaurus, and maybe a couple of not quite my favourites but still high on the lists, some Parasauropholus, and another not quite favourite, but still really excellent Stegosaurus.

And of course I'll have to get some bush-hatted ANZAC soldiers in 10mm for suitible "dino hunters" or "park rangers", as well as some jeeps.

Cannae wait!!!

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