Thursday, 9 June 2011

Welcome Back!!

So apart from Wappenshaw nothing much has been happening on the wargaming front for me. I've been busy with my other project, which I shall reveal once I get my camera's batteries charged up again. Be warned- it's not wargaming-related; it's metal-related and probably not particularly interesting to many of you but I'm going to post it anyway! Hahahaha!

Wappenshaw was a success. Steve's Viking game (A Norse, A Norse, My Kingdom For A Norse!) ran brilliantly and constantly.

In terms of buying I'd like to say I was good... Well I was OK. I picked up a Warbases 28mm MDF church for my Innsmouth board (just need to get back into building these buildings, hey?) as well as some Pendracken trees... and er... some Pendracken 10mm lizardmen for below... ahem...

 FINALLY! A decent osprey book on the WWII US paras :) And only a fiver.

By far the best bargain was....


WFB 2nd Edition! In good nick and as far as I'm aware all present and correct.

How much ye ask??? Yes that's right! If you noticed the picture then you'll see that it cost me a whole 5 beans!!! Holy Diver! Radical bargain is radical.


  1. I've got a copy of that in me loft. Never thought I would see anyone using that set again!!!

  2. Well dude, I might! I'd quite fancy giving the Slann a go if I can get some cheap enough- I've got some Lovecraftian "Deep Ones" which are froggy fishy people so they could work iffen ye were up for a bash some time :)

  3. Well my lad, I happen to have some slann figures in a box. Not many, 38 in total, a mix of warriors and dudes with blowpipes. They are painted so you will probably want to strip and repaint.