Saturday, 28 May 2011

Sea of Metal!

Got my work cut out for me I reckon...

My Black Tree jeep and casualties came, in not bad time for BTD. The miniature isn't too bad, but I have to say the amount of flash is quite disappointing. Might be time for these guys to look at making some new moulds... But anyway here's a couple of piccies:

MG not yet attached. I'm aiming to pin but not glue it so's it can come out again :)

Warlord Games pathfinders and NCO's which I'll make all pathfinders. How radical do these guys look, in their mohawks and general badassery?! Cannae wait to get them painted up!

In Sci Fi news- I've been adding to my Void 1.1 ranks. Mostly Syntha although I did buy a blister pack of VASA Black Legionnaires. If you have any, or know of anyone who has, these guys with the original jump packs and not the silly wings could you let me know? :)

A sadly now discontinued Syntha Artemis alpha for Urban War- was on special. Somehow the shopping cart messed up and I ended up buying two. Oh dear... :P 

Radical tactical Syntha. Good old school dudes!

 Me fave :)

They will look like this once painted :

Killer robo grasshopperz!

Led by...

This lovely gal. 

 Boom! Headshot!

Not sure about the lipstick... should i lose it, or is it fine as is? Comments welcomed. She's still a WIP mind :)

Finally on the gaming front;

I've been trying to recreate a certain classic album cover in figure form for my Syntha. Using an Achiles alpha as the base (and coincidentally for the stats!) I've tried to recreate Iron Maiden's famous mascot Eddie fro mthe cover of Somewhere In Time... However I'm snot sure about it thus far. Obviously it's far from done, but any feedback on how I can get the skin to look better? Again comments most welcome!

In other news... on Friday on a survey, after checking them out last week, I finally managed to get photos of my favourite wee wader! The Ringed Plover; possibly the cutest little wader ever :)

Next time I aim to get a decent photo :P


  1. Keep the lipstick - she looks fine with it on - not that she looks the type to listen to fashion tips...

    And I like the album cover dude!

  2. Graeme sir, on the Void front i have a huge pile of the plastic figures from the boxset - namely Junker Legionaries and Viridian marines and i have been looking for an excuse to paint them up for some time - you may just have provided me with that excuse :D

  3. Yaay!

    Feel free to break out yer dusty desert dogs then! :)