Saturday, 14 May 2011

Halt! Hammerzeit

What better way to introduce the first lot of my assembled plastic Germans?

Please bear with me, as I post this with a headache and listening to Rush ( \m/, by the way! Wish I were seeing them this evening :( )

Command squad L-R: runner 1, medic, horse master, officer, wagon driver, runner 2

Squad 1: note the kneeling MG-er on the L and the pointing MG-er behind. Sniper front R :D Had to be done!!
And of course, the guys who will be shooting at them, probably?

My 101st Airbornes! Instead of faffing about with rank insignia, I've colour-coded the rims of the bases: blue=command, white=medic, red=supt weapons and brown=privates

For some reason this guy looks absolutely terrifying!

I think I need to repaint the faces, at least give them eyes... they give me nightmares and haunt my soul just now...

Last Night: Disposable Heroes, Kirrie Club.

My paras dropped in... on turn 3 so pretty near the end of the game then...

Paras eventually arrived. I managed to get these guys up on the crast of the hill, set up the MG and fire at a mortar, scoring one kill, before end of game...

My mortar team landed off table :( so this is all I had. Basically I dropped, and immediately came under fire from Dale's 81mm mortar, pinning my rifle fireteam, meanign they couldn't move, so really the only activation I got was to move my MG onto the hill to drop-down and set up. Dale was kind enough however to let me take a shot anyway.

Don't think I'll be getting Disposable Heroes anytime soon :P Too complicated and the layout is atrocious. If anyone can suggest good (preferably cheap) WWII skirmish rules? I know Gordon reccommended Force on Force, anyone know how detailed that is for WWII?


  1. The figs look good, but I agree the prone para looks a bit spooky! Well done on getting the Germans built up though, I'm trying to summon up the enthusiasm to stick all the bits together!

    The few times I have played it, DH is all about suppression, keeping enemy units pinned down while you then maneouvre to take the ground. Indirect fire can be pretty effective at this, which is probably why your paras got stuck once the mortar opened fire.

    Was that a T-34 masquerading as a Panzer?

    And by the way if you listen to Rush it's no wonder you have a headache.

  2. No that was the Russians T-34, the US paras were support for them!

  3. Only one goof mate, medics (on both sides) were forbidden to carry weapons :O

    Geneva Convention, dont cha know?

  4. Dave, I'm appalled! Rush are mighty!!!