Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Oh dear....

Yep, that's right... the ol' butterfly syndrome has kicked in once again. What now?

VOID now! :D Played Urban War "2" on Saturday as my good friend Kenzie managed to drop by with his demo kit.

Very good game, and very quick to play. Also quite brutal at times! So I started thinking about how I'd always wanted a Sci-Fi game that wasn't all pseudo-gothic and silly, but shiny and somewhat reminiscent of Philip K Dick, or even Frank Herbert, or akin to Alan Dean Foster's "Humanx Commonwealth" stuffs (more of a sort of Hi-scifi). Home I went and hte next day dug out my old Void stuff, books and all (that sadly never saw the table), and set about thinking about great wee forces skirmishing across tables chock full of oddly-coloured trees with shiny, shiny buildings or on the quintisential Desert planet... Oh the mind fired up big time!!!

I've bought a box of Syntha Tactical Androsynths, but need to pick up the new style lipped bases to make them extra snazzy! Don't you know? Standard slotta-bases are... like... SOOOOOOO last millenium!

In other news, due to a mixup by Warlord Games (and their excellent, superfast customer service) I ended up with two extra NCO paras, with my (frankly excellent) mowkawked pathfinders dropping in a little later :)

Still waiting for my jeep and casualties from Black Tree... Mind you going by their shipping times at least they should arrive in time for the nights to get darker and colder...

Quite fancy trying to game Rush's 2112 though! 


  1. Lipped Bases, go to EM4 young man, about a quid for a bag of 10.

  2. Getting further down that slippery slope Graham!!

  3. i'm glad you enjoyed Urban war

  4. I was feeling the same way after the demo game I played with Sion at Carronade.

    Graeme are you going to Glasgow on 4th?